Institutional: Sunnybrook M Wing Expansion Project

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
General Contractor:
Vanbots Construction Corporation
G & G Partnership Architects
Mechanical Consultant:
HH Angus & Associates Ltd.
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Total Construction Value: $110 million
Start Date: April 2007
Completion Date: May 2010

2011 TCA "Best of the Best" Award for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - M Wing

Sunnybrook Hospital “M” Wing is a vertical expansion of an existing 4 storey building, adding 4 floors and a mechanical penthouse.
The top two floors (Floors 6 & 7) will be used to house new research laboratories and core technology facilities for Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI). This expansion will house Canada’s largest and most comprehensive Breast Cancer Research Centre. It will also house research programs in angiogenesis, through the Toronto Angiogenesis Research Centre, and regenerative medicine, through the Mclaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine.

The M-wing expansion project will create four additional floors on top of the existing M-wing at Sunnybrook Campus. Two of the floors added to M-Wing (Floors 4 and 5) will be the future home to the Prenatal & Gynecology program including a state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Each floor is approximately 67,500 sq. ft. in area. Some of the renovation work is to be done in areas presently occupied by operating rooms, requires careful planning and scheduling.

For years Geo. A. Kelson Company has been providing integrated mechanical solutions on projects at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.  The new “M Wing” project is part of the province’s plan for infrastructure renewal.  Geo. A. Kelson Company is the most experienced mechanical contractor in the public infrastructure sector and looks to continue to deliver successful solutions to its customers, healthcare providers and users.

Mechanical Scope of Work:

  • Extension of existing storm and sanitary systems to accommodate drainage requirements on new floors.
  • Extension of existing fire standpipe systems to serve new Fire Hose Cabinets on upper floors.
  • Extension of existing medical gas risers to serve select rooms on floors 4 & 5 and make provisions for floors 6 and 7.
  • Provide perimeter heating by way of Radiant Ceiling panels and associated Heating Piping.
  • Complete new mechanical room on 3rd floor to provide the following services for upper floors:
    • Constant Temperature Heating System for Perimeter Heating
    • Schedule Temperature Heating System for Perimeter Heating.
    • Domestic Hot Water System
    • Glycol Heating System
  • Complete new mechanical penthouse on 8th floor. This includes hoisting and placement of 14 new Air Handling Units to serve floors below.
  • Work with sub-contractors to provide associated Piping / Sheet Metal Insulation, Pneumatic piping, Ventilation, Sprinklers, Fire stopping and Controls requirements.